Patrick was born in Koblenz and grew up for the most part in England. After his study at the HAW and JAK in Hamburg, he finished different training periods at Windsor and Joop!. He worked several years in the retail trade at big fashion houses like Anson's. Since 2012 Patrick is a freelance stylist.

Patrick is based in Berlin.

Clients: Bite Mag, Deichmann, Eyewear Mag, Institute, Kat Florence, L´Officiel Hommes, Quality, Qvest, Zalando etc.

Photographers: Lado Alexi, Joachim Baldauf, Anja Boxhammer, Nadia del Dó, Florian Grill, Felix Krüger, Kipling Phillips, Schmidt & Gorges, Thomas Schmidt, Thomas Schüpping, Stephan Ziehen etc.